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Top 25 Most Saleable Streets in Frodsham

Posted on 23rd November, 2018

Following on from my last article, if you recall I said that Chester Road had the most properties sold in the WA6 Frodsham postcode, yet I felt that this information wasn’t telling the whole story, as some roads in Frodsham have more properties on them than others. Therefore, I promised...

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Chester Road, Frodsham… the road where people move the most

Posted on 16th November, 2018

Many folks say moving home is the most stressful thing. Moving home is like someone collecting all your worldly goods, putting them into brown boxes on a lorry, making your whole life look like an Amazon delivery van, only to spend the next six months unpacking it all, whilst unable...

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2-bed or 3-bed homes – Which Sell the Best in Frodsham?

Posted on 9th November, 2018

A few months ago, I wrote an article on Frodsham Property News about the length of time it took to sell a property in Frodsham and the saleability of the different price bands (i.e. whether the lower/middle or upper local property markets were moving slower or quicker than the others)....

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The £224,734 Ticking Time Bomb for Frodsham Landlords

Posted on 2nd November, 2018

“I just love looking over and keeping up to date the 108 pieces of legislation that govern the rental of residential property in the UK” …No Frodsham Landlord, ever If you are one of the 96 Frodsham landlord’s that manages your own property, would it surprise you to know that...

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Frodsham First Time Buyers Need 6.7 Times Annual Salary to Get on Housing Ladder

Posted on 26th October, 2018

What is it to be British? Our stubbornness, long-suffering stoicism, our vexation at injustice, our obsession with football and rugby? We are weather-obsessed, externally awkward, cautious, modest people while underneath seething like a volcano because someone jumped the queue! And our No.1 obsession is with the property ladder. This ‘love...

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How Would a Hard Brexit Affect Helsby House Prices?

Posted on 19th October, 2018

I have been asked a number of times recently what a hard Brexit would mean to the Helsby property market. To be frank, I have been holding off giving my thoughts, as I did not want to add fuel to the stories being banded around in the national press. However,...

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