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3.2% of all Properties Sold in Frodsham are New Builds

Posted on 4th July, 2019

Of the 7,400 houses and apartments sold in Frodsham (WA6) since 1995, 700 of those have been new homes, representing 3.2% of property sold. I wondered how that compared to both the regional and the national picture, and from that, the pertinent questions are: are we building too many new...

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Frodsham Homeowners Sell Their Home 5% Less Than the Regional Average

Posted on 27th June, 2019

The average homeowner in the UK moves every 20.2 years… That average in the 1970s and ’80s was around every 10 to 11 years; in the 1990s it increased to the mid-teens (in terms of years), and in the early part of the millennium, it dropped again to the low...

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Frodsham and Cheshire West and Chester Council House Waiting List Drops by 42.2% since 2011

Posted on 20th June, 2019

In 1979, more than 4 in 10 British people lived in a council house, yet today that figure is only 1 in 12, whilst according to Shelter 65% of families on the council house waiting lists had been on those lists for more than a year, and 27% had been...

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Do We Have the Right Sort of Frodsham Homes For the 21st Century?

Posted on 13th June, 2019

Would it surprise you to know that in some parts of Frodsham, predominantly prosperous areas with high proportions of mature residents, the housing crisis is not one of supply so much as dispersal of that supply? Theoretically, in Frodsham there are more than enough bedrooms for everyone – it’s just...

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Frodsham House Prices Up 2.2% in a Year – What does that mean for local Landlords and Homeowners?

Posted on 6th June, 2019

The balancing act of being a Runcorn buy to let landlord is something many do well at. Talking to numerous Runcorn landlords, they are very aware of their tenants’ capability to pay the rent and their own need to raise rents on their rental properties. Despite the perceived dark clouds...

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Nice and Steady in the Frodsham Property Market

Posted on 30th May, 2019

One of the key factors of the health of the Frodsham property market is the number of properties for sale at any one time. The issue with housing is that when demand goes up, unlike with a chocolate bar factory, who can add a couple of hours overtime to increase...

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